Reed Songs 1986 -88

Reed Song after Monet

Bastet's Moon 1986Bastet’s Moon                           The Wattle That Was 1986  The Wattle That Was



Mirror Pond 1986 Mirror Pond                               Wonderful Water 1986 Wonderful Water



Wheeler's Oasis 1986 Wheeler’s Oasis                          Emerald Pond 1986  Emerald Pond



It's All There in the Water 1986 It’s All There in The Water           Outbursts of Song 1986 Outbursts of Song



A Love Lilt 1986 A Love Lilt                                  A Glimmer of Hope 1986 A Glimmer of Hope



Lurking Sky and Little Creatures 1986Lurking Sky and Little Creatures    Little Things at the Edge 1986 Little Things at The Edge



Song for Keven 1986 Song for Keven                           Festival of the Reeds 1986 Festival of The Reeds



jules mccue-0007 Dance of the Reeds [detail]



jules mccue-0008 Dance of the Reeds [detail]Reed Song after Monet 1987


Carnival of the Reeds 1986


Thirmere Lake Dream Thirlmere Lake Dream


Carnival of the Reeds detail III 1987Twilight Lake Twilght Lake


Thirlmere Blue Lake Blue Lake



Reed Song after Monet 1987                      Carnival of the Reeds detail III 1987Carnival of the Reeds detail III 1987


Carnival of the Reeds detail III 1987




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