RECENT WORK – Lake Walk paintings [Illawarra] and Industrial Bodies – Port Kembla –  2017 – 18 – exhibition at The Village, 160 Shellharbour Road Port Kembla from 30th November till 14th December 2018.


Industrial Bodies – Port Kembla            Morning Lake 3 – Lake Illawarra                                                    


I have been shortlisted for the 2019 Len Fox Painting Award at the Castlemaine Art Museum in Victoria. Out of 190 entries, 50 were selected. My entry is “Exotica in Her Finery at the Lake.”

I am taking part in a group exhibition, to be held as the inaugural show at “The Village” art and crafts space in Port Kembla. My work will be a selection from the series: Industrial Bodies: Port Kembla  and Glimpses of Lake Illawarra. [2017 – 18]

MacDonnell Family Home Kilygola Monaghan  2014


   Joyce Family Home at Clare Galway Ireland,  in 1977


Sailing into Storm Bay from the d’Entrecasteaux Channel near Denne’s Point North Bruny Island, Tasmania 2006


Lithographic Planer Study 1 Art School 1979 

    Jervis Bay Planar Study 1980

 Lithographic Planar Study 2 Art School 1979 [After Paul Klee] 

 Point Perpendicular Jervis Bay 1984


4th Year Art School Planar Studies in Perspective 1979

Self Portrait 1985



Robe South Australia 1987    Song for Keven The Blue Lake Mt Gambier 1987

Detail Dance of the Reeds 1987   [Cawdor]

Wonderful Water 1986 [Cawdor]



Rock Pool 1987  [Jervis Bay]        Pods in a Watery Phosphor  1987

Jervis Bay Abstract VI                 The Smallest Spiral Holds the History 11

Jervis Bay Abstract 1989             The Smallest Spiral Holds the History 1994


Jewels in Memory of Louise Moillon 1993


First Little Home in Picton 1997

Second Home in Picton: Redbank Chapel 2003

Picton Tunnel V 1992   

Thirlmere Way Picton tunnel 1992

  9. Durbar

Marfar Texas Series: Durbar 2011-13



Landing back at my Bruny Island shack, Denne’s Point. 2006


            Forgive      Bruny Boat Shed 2009


The shack I built at Denne’s Point Bruny Island [2004 – 2011]


                Ancient Boat Shed Nebraska Beach,  Bruny Island

the canary   

Bruny Island Boat Shed Canary 2006-10     

      Old Jervis Bay Abstract VII

          Jervis Bay Abstract 1980

Lurking Sky and Little Creatures 1986                         Lake Walk 1

 Lurking Sky and Little Creatures 1986    Autumn Lake  2016 – Lake Illawarra


Shed Assemblage 2012 [Bruny Island Boat Sheds]


        Pimpinella                                                                                          Bruny Boat Sheds:  Pimpinella     2009-2010


wcg.2015.-6095.Preview.New Work: Celtic Studies  2012-  Gaelic Influence




St Bede’s New Town 2015


Church stage converted at St Bede’s 2014

The studio/hall at St Bede’s New Town

Converted church St Bede’s New Town 2014


Church Stage at St Bede’s  Hobart  



   Studio at St Bede’s            2013

My new home in the Illawarra 2016




Industrial Bodies [latest work]   2017-2018


Illawarra Studio  2018

  Honk Oz Gong Street Music Festival 2019 


    Folk in the Field Music Weekend Coolangatta Shoalhaven 2018

Klezmer Valley Girls performance at Wollongong Art Gallery


2020-21    Continue to play cello in the Klezmer Valley ensemble.

2020          Exhibited in Group Show at Project Gallery Wollongong

2019          Shortlisted for finalist’s exhibition in “Flow” contemporary water based painting prize at Wollongong Art Gallery.

2019          Shortlisted for finalist’s exhibition in the Len Fox Painting Award at the Castlemaine Art Museum, Victoria.

2018          Group exhibition at “The Village” Port Kembla. Exhibited the “Industrial Bodies” and “Glimpses of Lake Illawarra” series.

2018           Finalist in The Eutick Memorial Still Life Award Exhibition. The finalist show held at Project                                               Contemporary Artspace, Wollongong, 9th November till 1st December.

2018                 Exhibiting in “All on Board” Wollongong and local artist’s exhibition at the Wollongong Art Gallery from 3rd November 2018 till 10th February                             2019

2018                  Finalist in the Kangaroo Valley Art Prize September 29th till October 1st.

2017 – 18           Joined the Bluegrass Session and the Wind and Strings ensemble at the Jamberoo Soundspace. Joined                            a fledgling Klezmer ensemble at Wollongong – the Bisl Goylish Klezmer Group.

2016 -19             Working on the Lake Walks series, paintings and assemblages: the Celtic Series: and the Industrial                                   Bodies series, based on the Port Kembla industrial and marine environment.

2017 –                 Writing a huge book based on the history of Irish families in Ireland and Australia.

2017                   Joined the Curious Rendition Orchestra Wollongong [CROw] operating through the Conservatorium                              of Music Community Orchestras.


2016                      Autumn Lake   [Lake Illawarra], Finalist Wollongong Contemporary Water Colour Art Prize – Wollongong City Art Gallery.

2014          September till October- six weeks research and travel from the west of Scotland across to Ireland and through Ireland.

2014                      Marfa: Texas, exhibition of paintings and film Sydney. March – April. [Showing accompanying film [“The Hairy Man from                                                       the East”]

2013                      CAST member’s exhibition. Hobart, Tasmania.

2010                      Solo Exhibition Salamanca Side Space Gallery, Hobart: Bruny Island Boat Sheds: None but the lonely heart and other                                                     songs

2009                       Finalist in Hobart Art Prize at Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Drawing, graphite, ink and charcoal on paper.

2010                       Exhibited drawings at The Point, Dennne’s Point, Bruny Island.

2004-2006               Designed and built shack/studio North Bruny in vernacular style of “Tasmanian Shack”

2005                       Cast Gallery member’s exhibition, Hobart.

2003                       Group Show at Mt Annan Royal Botanical Gardens – The Evolution Series.

1997                       Exhibited in the Celebrating 25 years at The Bell Gallery, Berrima, NSW.

1996                       Finalist James Kiwi Watercolour Prize at the Wollongong City Gallery. Group exhibition 11th Birthday Show, presents                                                                 of mind, at Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Redfern, Sydney.

1996                       Solo exhibition Arrangements: Earthed and Floating at Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney. Exhibited in                                                                          Candid group exhibition by Wollondilly artists at the Campbelltown Bicentennial Art Gallery.

1995                      In Rare Finds group exhibition by five regional artists at the Southern Highlands Regional Art Gallery at Mossvale.                                                                Solo exhibition silent poems to be read by the eye: Romans, Réaltiés, Rêves at the Alliance Française Gallery in                                                                     Canberra.

1995                     September to December – scholarship to study pedagogical techniques for teaching French as another language in Australia, at the University of Jean Monnet in St Etienne, France.

1994                       Solo exhibition Pretty Still.  Master Creative Arts: Major Presentation at Access Contemporary Art Gallery in Sydney. 1994                                                        Finalist in Drawing on the Illawarra.  The Long Gallery, University of Wollongong.

1993                       Solo exhibition: The Picton Paintings at Tapas D’espana at Darlinghurst.

1988                       Solo exhibition Rock Pools at Brookfield House Gallery, Camden.

1987                       Solo exhibition Reed Songs at Brookfield House Gallery, Camden

1987-92                  Finalist in the St Gregory’s Art Prize:

1988                       Represented in the University of Western Sydney collection.

1985                       Solo exhibition Jervis Bay and Still Life  at The Barn Gallery and Brookfield Gallery, Camden.

1980                       Finalist in the NSW Travelling Art Scholarship Prize at the Blaxland Gallery, Myers Sydney. Finalist in The                                                                               Wollongong Art Purchase Prize, Wollongong City Gallery.

1979                       Group Show Minimalist / Constructivist paintings at the Argillion Gallery, Camden.


1994                       Not Surrealism: Magical Realism, Post Graduate Conference, University of Wollongong: a discourse explaining the                                                                   relationship between my Master of Creative Arts’ painting presentation Pretty Still and the essays, Part.1.Wild                                                                        Flowers  and White Porcelain and Part.2.Circles and Seeds.


                              Represented in private/ corporate collections in Australia and internationally.


2017                   COMMISSIONED ESSAY: Behind the Scenes”; The Life. Art, Design and Community Work of Robert Bell – included in the Australian National Gallery                                        Research Library. 

2017                     ESSAY: From Cork to Coalcliff: Finding Richard Coady [2016] – published on the Illawarra Historical Society website

2010- 11              Completed art critique articles for “Tasmanian Life” publication: Dean Stevensen, Composer ,Musician, Song Writer; Rebecca Coote light                                artist; Allen Mansell, Indigenous Tasmanian artist. [and online]

2010                    Article written about my work by Claire Andrews about the Bruny Island exhibition in “Tasmanian Life” magazine publication and online.

2008                    Winner of a writing competition held by the ABC in Tasmania. The prize being free entry into a selection of events for “Ten Days on the                                     Island”, and a commitment to write critiques which were published on the ABC website.

2006                     Completed the essay The Nature of Things a critique of the woodblock prints of Michael Schlitz at the Bett Gallery North Hobart.

1996                       Painting Amazing Ordinary Things from solo exhibition Arrangements Earthed and Floating published in Images 3,                                                                     presenting contemporary Australian artists, edited by Neville Drury, Craftsman House, Australia. Biographical                                                                             cuttings: National Library of Australia collection. Australian Art and Artist’s files: World Catalogue.

1995                       Article in Australian Country Style, Small Objects,a discussion of my paintings and Masters’ discourse, written by                                                                       Annabel Frost, June edition.

1995                       Represented in the Who’s Who of Australian Visual Artists, DW Thorpe in association with NAVA.

1995                       Essay commission for Peter Wilson’s exhibition, Orange Regional Art Gallery, Earthworks: Fire and Earth: From the                                                                   Belly of a Pot-maker. Jules McCue:

1998                       Newspaper reviews published, Extraordinary Exhibition: Holy Threads, an exhibition of Lao textiles and the art of                                                                       Savandhary Vongpoothorn at the Campbelltown Regional Gallery and Black Man in a White Man’s World, an                                                                              exhibition by indigenous inmates from N.S.W. jails.

2006                       Essay on woodcut prints of Michael Schlitz The Nature of Things published on the Bett Gallery website.

2007                       Local ABC radio: reviewed various shows in the Ten Days on the Island events program. Two reviews published on the                                                             ABC website.

2011                       Article Tasmanian Life Magazine: Jules McCue : Artist, Thinker, Lover of History.

2011                       Wrote articles for Tasmanian Life Magazine: Light and Space: artist Rebecca Coote and Dean Stevenson:                                                                               Composer, Songwriter, Performer.

2012                       Wrote article for Tasmanian Life Magazine: Allan Mansell: The Creation of Visual Stories

2016                       Commissioned essay “Behind the Scenes”; The Life. Art, Design and Community Work of Robert Bell. – also to write and                                                          design on her webste: www.robertabell.com.au